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March 10 & 11,  2023

Keene, TX

Let yourself sink into a bed of flowers, that treatorous spinning wheel next to you. This Photo Event will be made up of 8 individual sessions on a beautiful set worthy of a fairytale. It will be perfect for both those who want to shoot in a gown, or those who would prefer to explore their more sensual side. 

Hair, Make Up, and Wardrobe will be provided, as well as all the props needed to make you fully embrace this new, fantastical reality. 

The daring Prince is not provided, but if you have a brave Prince of your own, he is welcome to join and help us complete the story! A Perfect Event for couples!


April 16, 2023

Albany, NH

It's time to spread your wings and flutter to this beautiful forest in Albany New Hampshire. With Forest Fairies we want to explore that iridescent, joyful, vibrant side, complete with beautiful wings for each of our fairies. Each participant will have some time for a solo session as well as group photos.


This Photo Event has 6 open spots left for people of All Ages. These events aren't for Content Creators or Models, but every day people who enjoy exploring their  imaginative side. Hair, Make Up and Wardrobe will be provided. 


August 13, 2023

Brookings, Oregon

Channel the power and chaos of the ocean in this exciting Water Nymph Photo event. Our Nymphs are a force to be reckoned with, and we want to you to pour ever ounce of confidence, rage, love, joy, and sadness into the water, and shine brighter than ever. Each participant will ahve some time for a Solo Session as well as Group Photos. Hair, Make up and Wardrobe are provided.

This Photo Event has 7 open slots remaining for people of all ages. These events are for every day people who want to connect with others who share their love of fantasy, and escape reality for a little while.



October 7 &8, 2023

New Orleans, Louisianna

Our biggest and most immersive Event of 2023, Vampire Coven lets you sink your teeth into your villain era. You will experience two full days in a beautiful mansion with other women who want to unleash their darker side. We will have Tarot Readings, Wine Tastings, a banquet to end the Event.

On top of the mentioned activities, each guest will get their very own Vampire Photoshoot, as well as big group photo to commemorate the experience. This Photo Event has 8 open slots remaining. Due to the spook factor, this event is for Women 18+. Hair, Make up and Wardrobe will be provided for your photoshoot, as well as food and lodging. 

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