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From Elizabeth: "There's something so special about falling in love with yourself. Whether that's at a pivotal time in your life like a pregnancy or birthday, or just on a random Tuesday afternoon, seeing the beautiful person that you are can be life changing. On this side of my page you will see women from all walks of life, shapes, ages, sizes, slowly discover that 'yes, they are that beautiful.'. For each image on this page there's a story of someone that who maybe didn't feel their best. Maybe was scared of this big step in their life. Maybe felt insecure about a feature that we would all love on her. There's a story of someone accepting themselves and romanticizing themselves for the first time in their life. Of someone looking in the mirror for the first time in their lives and saying 'wow, I'm so beautiful'. And it's for those someones that I will absolutely never stop this work"

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”



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