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Boudoir is  about beauty, sensuality, and art. But, first and foremost, Boudoir is about confidence. It can be hard to find that elusive confidence in a time where we are constantly bombared with what we SHOULD look like.


What we SHOULD eat. What we SHOULD do. And rarely celebrated for what we already are.  And that's what Boudoir is all about. Uplifting the you that exists in the here and now. 


We expect you to be nervous, which is why I always prefer having a consultation before hand. Boudoir Sessions are a vulnerable experience and the last thing I want is for us to be strangers.

By the time shoot day comes around, and we pop open a bottle of wine and begin to shoot, we will have had so many convos and I will understand what makes you feel powerful, strong, and beautiful. From there it's fun and laughter to be had!

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