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Photo Event: Briar Rose


"(She) Stared at the thick barrier of thorns. She reached out and picked a rose from the thorn-creeper nearest her, and bound it into her hair"

The imagery of Sleeping beauty has been such an enduring piece of Society. We've explored it in Ballets, Movies, Paintings and countless books. And though nowadays the story itself is dated, we've still reimagined it in works like Maleficent or The Sleeper and the Spindle. That image of a sleeping beauty remains. And I'm only human and not immune to its captivating visual story.

Pastel Aesthetic Photo Collage Instagram Story.jpg

So of course this is me telling you that I'm diving right into creating a set inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty, and I hope you'll join me in becoming Beauty herself. The images above are part of my moodboard, so you can get a feel for the colors, the mood. 

The Details

  • When? March 10 & 11

  • Where: Keene, TX

  • Who? Recommended for Adults

  • Price: $1000

  • Products: $100 Print Credit with options to purchase more

  • Session Length: 90 min

  • Available slots: 8

  • Hair and Makeup included

  • Size inclusive Wardrobe included

Let’s Work Together

I'm so hyped to start working with you on your Session! Those already joining have brought so much energy and ideas with them. Each session is already turning out to have its own unique vibe and I'm SO here for it!

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Click here to start planning Your Sleeping Beauty Story!

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