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Photo Event: Vampire Coven


“And so we remain immortal; we remain frightened; we remain anchored to what we can control. It all starts again; the wheel turns; we are the vampires; because there are no others; the new coven is formed.”

Step into a world filled with Vampire lore and dark feminine energy in a mystical photo event like no other. Explore the mystical allure of the night as we capture the essence of immortal seduction and bewitching beauty in you through my lens. Join us for a mesmerizing journey into the shadows, where elegance meets the supernatural, and darkness reveals its alluring charm.

Dark Aesthetic Perfume Brand Quote Photo Collage Your Story.jpg

This theme is too seductive, and I am diving right into creating a set filled with spooky, dark, and feminine imagery and I hope you'll join me in becoming part of the Coven. The images above are part of my moodboard, so you can get a feel for the colors, the mood. 

The Details

  • When? Mini Sessions October 6, Full sessions October 7 & 8

  • Where: Fort Worth, TX

  • Who? Recommended for Adults

  • Price: Minis are $750, Full sessions are $1000

  • Products: $100 Print Credit with options to purchase more

  • Session Length: Minis are 45 min, Full sessions are 90 min

  • Available slots: 8

  • Hair and Makeup included in Full sessions

  • Size inclusive Wardrobe included

Let’s Work Together

I'm so hyped to start working with you on your Session! Those already joining have brought so much energy and ideas with them. Each session is already turning out to have its own unique vibe and I'm SO here for it!

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Click here to start planning Your Vampire Story!

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