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A Wedding Story: Emily & Jake's Rustic Wedding at Double K Ranch in Gainsville, TX

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Driving to the middle of no where is so worth it when you’re working with an amazing couple like Jake and Emily. From meeting Emily while she did hair for one of my brides, to our first consultation, through their engagement session, and during their wedding I couldn’t help but think how incredibly sweet these two are to each other, and everyone around them!

These two had a beautiful proposal story. Jake took Emily to a Stars hockey game the day after Thanksgiving. He planned on proposing to her in front of the water fountains at the American Airlines Stadium, but when they got there the water fountains weren’t turned on, and this small detail threw Jake into a whirlwind of nerves, trying to find the next perfect moment.

Despite that, they enjoyed the game and afterwards he told her he wanted to go look at Christmas lights. Emily was so annoyed because he kept driving the complete opposite way of their home and it was already so late at night. Instead of going home though, they drove to Denton and went to the square there, where he said he wanted to have Beth Marie’s Ice cream.

Finally he had managed to create that moment for himself, dropped down on one knee, and proposed! Sometimes you just got to create your own destiny! It also turns out he had my cousin hiding in a bush taking a video and pictures. It was so cute and knowing how sideways his plans went, Emily appreciate his efforts even more.

Jake and Emily’s wedding went beautifully, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to have been part of this experience. Thank you both for inviting us to document these moments for you! We wish you nothing but the absolute best in life!

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