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A Wedding Story: Mary & John's beautiful Wedding at the Essex Resort and Spa, Burlington Vermont

This beautiful bride was up early, making sure her bridesmaids had everything they could ever want, and giddly waiting for us to get there! How do I know? Because as I was walking up to the building she was in I get a text saying "I SEE YOU GUYS!" To which I responded "creeper!" grinned at the windows :P

And that was the beginning of a day that I can't describe as anything other than joyous. Their huge smiles for each other, the laughter, the jokes, the love, the warmth and togetherness. It was stunning. Even though their numbers had dramatically diminished from the big bash of a wedding they were planning, the family and handful of friends that were there made up for it with big party energy!

John and Mary met at work, and became a bit more than friends after Mary wrote on John's mirror "Mary is Awesome" and had no choice but to ask her out because yes, she is awesome.

Their proposal was beautiful if a bit of a journey. Mary was off to see her sister's for a birthday dinner, and John decided to leave around the same time, saying he was going to Smoothie King. But that, in fact, was a LIE as he was picking up the ring! But as any truly shiny lover knows, once you have something that shiny in your possession, you gotta do something with it, and he decided he needed to propose RIGHT NOW! He tried many ways to lure her back home, including "I miss you so much!" which is sweet, but she was going to a birthday dinner with family! He had to up the 'steaks'. So he did, promising her a reservation at her favorite restaurant by 8:30pm that night. If he fulfilled this promise, she would come home. Slim chance of that happening... Except he managed it! I'll let Mary tell the rest:

"At 8:13 I walked through the door of our apartment yelling about how I needed to shave my legs for the dress I was going to wear, when John ambushes me saying, "OK, but first!" and he got down on one knee. Bruno Mars "Marry You" was playing and the dogs were barking and John said...nothing. It took me a moment to realize what was happening and then I said, "YES!!!", to which John responded, "Oh, I guess I should actually ask you". He did and I said yes again and in a storm of laughter, happy tears, and kisses I got dressed and we walked over to the restaurant together.

Thankfully I was also able to reschedule with my sisters and I saw them later that week, so all was forgiven."

We spent the rest of the day with them, listening to them laugh cry, grinning as the theme of Jurassic Park played as they walked down the aisle, and watching all the guests realize what the beautiful Piano Guys cover actual was! Holding back tears as Mary's mom broke into traditional chanting as John and eventually Mary walked towards the ceremony site. Trying again not to cry as we heard the vows, and could truly feel the love. Cracking D&D jokes with them and their crew, and hearing of their adventures. (We even did a full D&D crew photo, where we learned all their character names and I cannot explain to you how much I love this!)

John and Mary, we love you both so much. Thank you for shining as brightly as you do, and reminding us all what love is really all about: Adventures, "can't-hold-it-in" proposals, and acknowledging when this other is Awesome by freaking MARRYING THEM.

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