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"Blooming Ice", Winter Fae & and my obsession with Winter color palettes

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I've always had a fascinations with the different shades of white that winter brings. The way the snow sparkles like a world covered in fairy dust. I think as a child growing up in the white winters of Switzerland I think I always romanticized this time of year the most. Riding my bike to school as the sun was rising and seeing the way the colors shifted from dark blues to soft pinks and purples and then back to white was probably one of my favorite things.

A few days before the Great Panini of 2020, the crew and I were doing Goddess Sessions in Denver and got lucky enough to get some snow. We'd already been hoping to do a beautiful session with this gorgeous Winter Assassin fit that Shawna had made, and when we realized we'd actually be able to shoot outside we jumped at the chance. We worked with Aiden Adore who brought this beautiful soft pink wig with her, and boom, the whole vision was formed. She was so graceful even when tramping through the snow barefoot, and I remember feeling so in awe of how elegant and beautifully she posed.

I think that was the day I decided I really wanted to do something like this for my regular clients. There's something so whimsical about the soft blues and pinks in her ensemble, and though I loved the photos we shot, I wanted more. The "Blooming Ice" mini sessions are as much a personal project for me, as they are a way to bring more clients the ability to experience themselves as magical creatures. You guys inspire me so much with your ideas, your visions, your concepts, and in many ways this concept was solidified while shooting with you all. The flowers were inspired by a floral concept I'll be shooting in May, the throne by some of the photos you find most inspiring. I cannot wait to begin creating with you soon!

How to create an Icescape that feels grounded but also like something straight out of a fantasy book, that can be put up even if there's no ice or snow outside was a challenge that I slowly started to take apart and tackle one by one. Cellophane, fake snow, old theater tricks, and use of light are all coming together to help me create this set, and I'm so excited to begin sharing progress photos! I've been theorizing for quite some time, and gathering materials to begin putting it all together, and I'm finally ready to begin building! I cannot wait to take you along on this new journey.

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