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How to pull off a Magical Intimate Wedding: Tiffany & Rick's Wedding at Cedarwalk at Killington

2020 has been a tough one. Seriously, I cannot imagine being a bride during this time. And though most of our couples have rescheduled to 2021 and 2022, some decided they didn't want to wait, and made 2020 work for them. Tiffany and Rick were one of these couples.

From booking a gorgeous Airbnb where they could all stay with their guests, to changing up the decor, and using it's beautiful autumnal setting as a backdrop to their ceremony. At every turn, Tiffany and Rick were creative, and created the perfect space for them to have a gorgeous wedding, no matter.

Tiffany and Rick are used to facing the world together, but that wasn't always the case. By the time Tiffany met Rick, she had met some "interesting" men, and had been on even more "interesting" dates (I feel you girl). She was on the verge of deleting her account when ding, she got a message from Rick. After some scanning of his profile, she found him to be just the kind of guy she might like to date! They spent hours texting and and there was a connection that she could feel. The following morning she woke up to a "good morning" text, that perfect little notification that makes you smile. Except that after all the rough experience she had had, Tiffany was so nervous she didn't respond until hours later. But she was nervous for nothing, their conversation picked up where it had left off, and was smooth sailing, so they made plans to meet up officially! But man those nerves will get you. I'll let Tiffany tell the rest of the story: " Hours before our first date I ended up cancelling (making up some bs excuse) because I was so nervous. We made plans for another first date. This time we were set to meet up at a local restaurant/brewing company in my town called Madison Brewing Company. A couple hours before the date I was getting myself all worked up…again. My mother practically had to push me out the door. I was worried that our connections online/over the phone wouldn’t be the same in person but I soon realized I was silly for worrying. Once we got there and sat down we started talking just like we had online. We ordered some yummy food and continued to chat all night. We were so into our conversation that we hadn’t realized the restaurant was closing. Our waitress came by to check on us and that’s when I realized we were the only ones still there, they had started cleaning up and putting the chairs on the tables. We paid our bill, and took our conversation outside. We continued chatting for quite some time and our date was going so well I started thinking, "why hasn’t he kissed me yet?”. So I tried doing all those things women do to give a hint that I was really into him. Laughing at all his jokes, teasing him a bit, placing my hand on his arm whenever I would laugh. Eventually he got the hint and when he kissed me it may sound corny but it felt like magic and he’s been obsessed with me ever since (lol just teasing)."

Tiffany and Rick have such a connection, I couldn't help but laugh at their wedding and during their ceremony. The love he has for Tiffany is only strengthened by the love he has for Sophia, who Tiffany raised so lovingly and beautifully, and is now his daughter too. They are such a gorgeous couple, and you can tell that their love is true, pure, and lasting. I adored being there for them, and creating memories that will last a lifetime <3

Shoes by Badgley Mischka

Flowers by Fiftyflowers

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