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A Wedding Story: Keri & Dan's Winter Wonderland Wedding in the Inn at Manchester, Manchester VT

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

What a way to start 2020! We met Keri and Dan last year for a cold and beautiful engagement session in Barre, VT instantly clicked with them! Through 2019 I kept getting little updated and sneak peeks of Keri's mood boards, decor ideas, and eventually her dress! By the time their wedding rolled around I had such a clear picture of what their wedding day would be like, I was so excited to make it happen!

Dan proposed on the night before heading to Keri's family home for Christmas back in 2018. Keri had just gotten home from a long day at work (and Dan had been home all day, plotting and planning). As Keri was packing all of her present wrapping stuff together to bring it upstairs, Dan asked if she wanted to open her stocking before or after she wrapped presents. Being that it was not yet Christmas, and that she hadn't put anything in his stocking, Keri was confused... K: "But it's not christmas yet, why would i open my stocking now?" D: "Well, we won't be here for Christmas, so I thought it would be nice to have you open it now." K: "umm ok, I guess I'll do it before I wrap presents then...."

Christmas music is playing on the TV, all the Christmas lights are on, Dan has set the mood perfectly. Meanwhile she's in her PJs because one wants to be COMFORTABLE at home! She grabs the first package out of her stocking, and it's a wrapped box... of Airpods. "Ooh, thanks!" she reaches back into the stocking and finds handfuls of candy. As she sifts throught candy, Dan is already in position. Keri reaches back into her stocking, pulls out another wrapped box, unwraps it, and finds... an empty jewelry store box. At which point Dan gets down on one knee, and asks her to marry and OF COURSE she says YES!

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