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Megan's Divine Portrait Session: How to get the most out of your Fantasy Photoshoot

Megan found me on TikTok and reached out with such a beautiful vision of what she wanted for her session. She wanted something deeply feminine, she wanted to show off her grandmother's pearls, and for the first time in years I had a client who wanted to brave the TX heat and shoot outside! The first few things we did to prepare for her session was: Pick a location. Seems obvious, but we could have just as easily shot this out in the woods somewhere, and it would have been a totally different photoshoot. Picking a location that matched that feminine energy she wanted in her photos was absolutely key. The second thing we did was Pick a color palette. Pink can be such a varied color, but this dusty rose again adds so many layers to image. The Elegance of it, the unique look of it, it tells a story, and begins to shape the character we want to portray in these photos. Next up? Props! What are we shooting with? How are we incorporating them? What sort of metal color do we want to feature? Are we using a specific gem? Will it be repeating? Matching your props and creating a seamless style really elevates each photo you take!

With the main session done planned out, it was time to figure out how we could add extra depth to this shoot, and that's when we started to look at other concepts to fill the time we had together. So she showed me a few dresses she was thinking of getting, and we settled on this gorgeous Emerald green, and the black one below. Now it was time to think story. How can we give each look it's own feel? After looking at this Emerald dress for a while, the idea of running away began to take shape, and all of a sudden we had a runaway princess in mind while shooting this dress.

How can we show off this dress? Well, the dress was so big and flowy that we made sure to add lots of movement to her shots, and really showed off how beautifl and big this dress was!

How can the posing further this story? Here we made sure to not only do some running shots, but also pose her looking into the sun, looking forelorn, like she's searching for warmth, for safety. The make up was tweaked as well to give her a less delicate look.

Then it was time for the last dress. We planned these shots so that we shot as the day was getting a little big darker and the light was turning a little more gray. We darkened the make up, and made everything a little bit colder, and let her bring out her witchy side, even incorporating a dagger into her shots, and shooting with everything a little off axis.

Megan really showed me how much we can fit into such a short period of time. We really only photographed together for about 2 hours, but because we planned it all out, and made sure props (crowns, daggers, dresses, and even make up) was planned in advance, we were able to really make the most out of our time together, and leave with a unique story, and a beautiful, multifaceted session.

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