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Picking your Outfit: Fall Engagement Photography at Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park, Mansfield, TX

Aaaaaaaaaaah fall. It may be called a "basic" thing to love fall, but I don't care. You've got cooler weather, you've got changing leaves, I'm not allergic to the outside (ahem Spring allergies!), long sleeves and scarves are back, and most importantly: You've got Halloween!

Fall is also the most flattering time of year when it comes to clothing choices. There's something about draped scarves that gives your whole body length, and an element of elegance. Warm browns, oranges, and reds are pretty universally flattering on most skin tones, and the cozy feeling of a warm sweater is just so much more romantic than the feeling of contact sweat in the summer! So how do you pick what to wear for your engagement session? Well the first thing I always tell my couples is: Don't 100% match each other. There's interest that's created through color palettes, and an easy way to bring that dimension into your portraits is by picking outfits that compliment each other, but aren't copies of each other. Chandler and Nick (check them out below, they are absolutely gorgeous people), absolutely NAILED that brief. Her soft, off-white sweater would normally be in stark contract to his dark flannel shirt, but that gorgeous scarf she's wearing breaks up the brightness of her top, and the reds in the scarf compliment the reds in his shirt.

The second thing I tell them is to wear fitted clothes. Now, to my clients who may not feel as confident about your body (and I fall in this category too because there's a lot I don't like about myself. Yes, I'm working on it), I know our instinct is to hide what we don't like under a baggy shirt, or top. Except this exactly what I cannot let you do. 1. Because you are beautiful (or handsome, or both!), and I don't want you hiding that away, and 2. Because baggy clothes literally ADD to your figure. So instead, I always tell my clients: Pick something fitted. NOT tight. Never ever tight. But something that sits on your body comfortably. If you go with something that flairs out at the top, that's ok, but make sure that, like Chandler below, you pair it with something tight beneath it. Or vice versa you can wear a fitted top and a super flowy skirt or Palazzo pants.

The most important part of all this is to make sure you pick something that you'll be comfortable. Something that reflects you. That you can look back on 10, 20, 50 years down the road and see yourself looking back through the photo.

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