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Taylor & Sarita's Intimate Wedding at the Inn at Grace Farms, Fairfax, VT

This wedding has been in the books for so long it's kind of surreal that it finally happened and I have the pictures to prove it! I met Taylor and Sarita on a cold fall night in Brooklyn to do their Engagement Session. After a cancelled flight, and our plans absolutely being derailed, they still came to the session full of smiles, joy, and lots of love for each other. It didn't matter that it was dark out, it didn't matter that the day had been filled with changes to plans, they were just happy to be together. That's when they became one of my favorite couples!

And as the great panini reigned supreme, and their wedding kept having to be pushed further and further back they still had such a beautiful energy. Now I know these are photos, but I truly hope I was able to capture their energy on here because it's SO beautiful!

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