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The Importance of Wedding Photography: Brea & Justin's Story, Enchanted Vine, Alto, NM

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

3 Years ago now we got a chance to Photograph this gorgeous wedding, and it's become one of those weddings that was a turning point for us. It was this wedding that taught me the importance of Wedding Photography. You see, Brea and her father had beaten cancer just a few years before her wedding day. There was a sense of gratefulness, and joy of living that could be felt in every guest that was invited to their elopement. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Unfortunately a year after their wedding the cancer was back. And as things took a turn for the worst, I started seeing those wedding pictures shared more than ever. I got together with her best friend, and we pulled out some ooooold, unedited files from the dad's speech, and put them together so she could have a recording of it near as her dad passed away. And through all of this I began to realize that we CANNOT mess this up. No wedding can be less important. Each wedding, each moment captured, each memory, each guest there, I need to have a picture of them in my couple's gallery. I need to go out of my way to make sure that nothing gets missed, that every moment I see, they see reflected in their Photos and Wedding Films.

In February of last year Brea passed away as well. It's been 3 years since their wedding day, and our style has evolved, our equipment is completely different, and we have a new business name. And yet I still keep these photos close because I don't want to ever forget that I cannot drop the ball. So thank you, Brea, for teaching me the importance of our work, and reminding me of why I run myself ragged every wedding day, I wake up every Sunday with sore feet, and why I stare at my computer screen for hours to make sure that everything we deliver is perfect.

Team Credits:

Photographer: Elizabeth Cortes with Dawn and Dusk

Videographer: Jeremy Knaubert with Dawn and Dusk

Wedding Dress by Essence of Australia

Florist: Lou McLeod

Baker: Jessica Thomas

Coordinator: Thomas Douglas

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