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"Briar Rose", Sleeping Beauty & and the darker imagery that speaks to me...

Back in 2021, almsot two years ago to date, I had finished putting together a set in what I thought would be my long term studio. It was so beautifully feminine, with a touch of fantasy and fairytale. I got to do a few sessions on the set before I unexpectadly had to move, but my test session on that set will forever live in my mind.

Stephanie Marie Oustalet absolutely captured that fairytale feel with grace, poise, and a far away look. Looking back, it's obvious to me that it was so heavily inspired by the story of Sleeping beauty. From the draped fabrics, to the flowers littering the bed, that fantasy of a princess dreaming in her castle was pouring out of every image.

There's something so alluring about the imagery of Sleeping Beauty. It's utterly feminine and there's such a duality between the prestine beauty asleep in her ornate bed, and the crumbling castle all around her, overgrown with briars and covered in dust. The Pinks of the bedsheets, dresses and flowers... the dark, earthy tones of the world around her. It's inspiring. And it's time I give into that inspiration.

The next month and a half are going to be spent building a beautiful set that plays with that duality of delicacy and danger. Thorns, flowers, soft fabrics, wood and stone. I want this to be a fully immersive set for clients to really be able to sink into the fantasy. I want my beautiies to feel like they can it all. I'm so excited to begin!

If you want to nab your spot, click here, and let's start telling your own Sleeping Beauty Story!

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