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A Wedding Story: Travis & Bailey's beautiful Wedding at the Bowden in Keller, TX.

Where to even begin with this wedding. I guess we can start the night we met Travis and Bailey. It was pitch black, raining heavily, and the sound of the Tornado Sirens was making me stress out. Jeremy and I were driving through the rain, trying our best to get to the coffee shop we were meeting at in one piece. Honestly I was expecting Travis and Bailey to cancel the meeting, and texted her to make sure we were still on. And her response was a resounding YES! We shifted around the meeting time, and finally pulled into the coffee shop a little while later. And then they walked through the door. Looking perfect despite the weather, confident smiles on their faces, and a warmth that immediately made us fall head over heels in love with them.

Fast forward a few months, and we are a week away from finally doing the Engagement Session with them when Covid-19 hits and we all go into lockdown. And I felt so awful because we had tried to schedule a session, and either the weather didn't cooperate, or schedules got full. But of course this too they take with grace and beauty, and though we had to have the Engagement session a whole season later, we still did that. And they went on planning their wedding without so much as a hiccup.

I guess what I'm saying is this couple can't be held back or stopped. Tornados? Who. Last minute changes? No problem. Covid-19? We can deal with it too. And it's this attitude towards life, and the unstoppable force that is this power couple, that truly makes me feel like they could handle anything and won't let anything get between them and their goals. I mean LOOK at this wedding! It was absolutely perfect! I can feel the laughter, the love, the warmth that radiated from them, their family and their friends. I still grin at the look on everyone's face when Travis walked down to the Superman theme, and still tear up remembering bits from their vows as I'm editing their ceremony. Their wedding was truly what dreams are made of.

Travis and Bailey met at work, with Travis being known only as the "Hot Cowboy" to Bailey, her friends, and family. But eventually "Hot Cowboy" became Travis, ad Bailey became the girl of his dreams. They'd go exploring together, she'd assist him in his Photo adventures and they'd fall more and more in love with each other until Travis realized he needed to marry this one. I'll let him tell the rest of the story: "I had the location and how I was going to do it figured out, just had to figure out the when. We were driving to my families ranch and Bailey started talking about marriage like she always did and I did a good job of letting her know I hated marriage and it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Little did she

know we were driving to the proposal spot. (I’m an ass hat and will always keep an illusion up for the end goal). We get to the ranch, my parents had the ring and had set up a sign across the pond saying “Bay will you marry me” and below the sign were 2 targets, one saying “Yes” the other saying “No”. The plan was she would have to shoot a rifle and choose her answer by hitting the target she wanted. Well my scope wasn’t sighted in so I was attempting to get it ready and while doing that had a gun jam and couldn’t get the shell casing out. So of course, I’m pissed and have to quickly adapt the plan. I told her that I wanted her to shoot at the targets across the pond and that she needed to get the location figured out by using the jammed guns scope. She was sitting on a picknick table bench looking through the scope and I was behind her on my knee with the ring out. And low and behold she can’t find the target, so I’m trying to help her find it with one hand and then putting the ring on the ground. After what seems FOOOORRRREEEEEEVVVVVEEERRRR she finally sees it and I start on my would-be proposal and got 4 words out when she said, “is this real, huh, what, is this real life” and started crying. I put the ring

on, and she was shaking and we hugged and my mom finally said, “so is that a yes?” and she of course said Yes. But she had to make the shot on the “yes” target to make it true. She hit the target and that was that."

Travis, Bailey, thank you so much for inviting us into your wedding, and letting us capture these incredibly beautiful moments with you. For watching Star Wars so we can nerd out together some more, for laughing at our silly jokes, and for being so in love that even a global pandemic couldn't stop you two from getting married. We know your lives are going to be absolutely incredible together.

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