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Death Rides a Pale Horse

As a photographer, there are times when a client comes to you with such a distinct and beautiful vision that your brain immediately goes into overdrive to help make the vision a reality. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Hilarie Grace, a Colorado Actress and Model, who gave me the prompt of Dark, Feminine, Deadly. The gears started spinning.

We started with the dress, which you may recognize from Megan's Fantasy Session. Well it was reworn, but the vibes couldn't have been more different. I was already doing the Ladies and Gentlemares Event near Boulder Colorado, and there was going to be a white horse at the shoot, perfect. Next was coming up with a make up look that fit the vibes, and here I just have to thank Wicked Glamour for helping create this gorgeously pale, feminine but unsettling look. We were all set and finally the shooting day came!

The setting for this photo shoot was absolutely breathtaking. The mountains of Colorado are a truly magical place, and the natural beauty of the landscape served as the perfect backdrop for our fantasy-themed photos. As we moved through the different poses and settings, Hilarie became more and more immersed in the experience, giving me striking frame after striking frame.

We ended the Photo shoot with a Lady of the Lake inspired moment. I couldn't believe she was up for getting in the freezing cold water, but she plunged in, and this final frame is something I truly cherish. It was such a rewarding experience to see Hilarie's reactions and to know that I was able to bring her vision to life in a way that exceeded her expectations.

I hope you were inspired to create your own magical images, and if you'd like to have me along for the journey I would be honored!

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