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Emily & Alex's beautiful Winter Wedding at Woodstock Inn & Resort, in Woodstock VT

This day was a looooooooong time coming! I met Emily and Alex on a beautiful cloudy July day back when the big panini was in full swing. We spent a lovely afternoon at the Carmoor, enjoying the mild weather, the lush green of the landscape, and trying to survive the mosquitos! I got to really know what they were like as a couple, and couldn't help but be excited for their big day!

So I was so overjoyed when they told me they still wanted to do a big celebration, despite having been married for almost a year! But can you blame me for being hyped? Their wedding was going to be at this gorgeous hotel! Their friends and family were creatives from all walks of life! This is what dreams are made of! And I think looking at the pictures below, you can definitely tell that wowowow this wedding was one of the most beautiful affairs of 2022!

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