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Infuse Your Style into Your Wedding Day: Nick & Chandler's Wedding at Lost Oak Winery, Burleson TX

Ok let's talk about taking that trend you've seen and love, and make it feel natural, timeless, and perfect for your wedding day. When I sat down with Chandler to talk about her wedding, and get a feel for her style, and she dropped the phrase "pineapples and macramé" I remember I had a moment of "uh oh" in my head. Not because these weren't exceptionally unique ideas, but because they felt VERY trendy. Very 2018. And I was worried about making her photos still classic so that in 2068 she would still enjoy them and not think "What was I doing!". But I went in with a game plan of featuring these things, but not really in her couples photos or anything like that.

And then I walked into her wedding and realized, that no, this actually made perfect sense for her. You see she infused her whole personality into this decor. It wasn't something pulled straight out of her Pinterest or IG feed with no context. Her mom handmade the macramé backdrop to her wedding, she work flats to her wedding, her dress was beachy and hippy and beautiful. Her flowers were wild and fun, and reminded you of a tropical getaway, as did her gorgeous pink and orange bridesmaids dresses AND CAKE!

She taught me not to be afraid of trends, and how to bring them in. Make them your own. If a trend speaks to you, make sure it feels true to you and your personality. Infuse it with personal touches, let it shine in every part of your wedding! If it's you, let your personality spill into every cup, vase, seat, flower, everything. Embrace it and make it your own :)

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