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Spring Wedding on a Budget! Theo & Nicole's gorgeous wedding in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

When Jeremy and I got married, our budget was... well... non-existent. We were young, we were in love, we knew we were meant to be together, and we dove straight in, with the belief that it would all work out. And though as we've been photographing more and more weddings, the venues keep getting grander and larger, every once in a while we still get that young and in love couple that just wants to get married, and wants us to be a part of it, and those small, tight-budget, gorgeous celebrations are some of the happiest we've seen!

So how to have a gorgeous wedding, while still being conscious of your budget? The first place to start is always the venue. Look for a venue that's smaller, and maybe hidden away somewhere. Wineries, small private Gardens, and Coffee shops (yes, you heard that right) often double as Wedding Venues on the weekend, and will have some unique set ups to give your wedding some extra flavor, but still help you keep the cost down.

Next up: Photographer. We may be biased here but this is one of those places where it's a toss up between cost/quality. If Pictures are important to you, be ready to spend around $2000 with a photographer. However if a cellphone picture will do, as much as it will break my Picture-taking heart, that's a decision that a lot of couples make, and are perfectly happy with the result. Jeremy and I made that decision and it's honestly one of the only regrets I had of my wedding, but other couples may be perfectly ok with it. If that's the route you choose to take, be sure to create a Public Photo Album where your guests can drop the pictures they have of you!

Florals: Here there is a lot of wiggle room. This gorgeous couple opted to fill buckets with Baby's Breath and roses, the only profession floral arrangements they had done were the bouquets! Jeremy and I chose to slowly purchase satin flowers over time, and create our own arrangements and though they weren't as gorgeous as those done by professionals, I was happy with our little handmade bouquets.

The Dress: Girl... idk man if you can splurge on the dress, do it. I may have a soft spot for beautiful clothing, but it can be an heirloom, you can sell it afterwards if you don't want to keep it, you can get anniversary pictures done with it if you do, so if a dress is important to you, get that gorgeous dress. Always check the sales racks in case that perfect dress is hiding there. If you find one you absolutely adore, note down the size and call different bridal boutiques and check online and secondhand stores for it as well, and you may get lucky and find it at a lower price!

In the end, it's your wedding, you want to make it perfect, you want to make it fun, but most importantly you want to spend the rest of your life with the person your marrying. Never lose sight of that. They are the most important thing, you'll leave the venue that night, flowers will die, your body will change, but that person is with you for the rest of your life. Everything else is second.

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