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Susie & Tony's Engagement Session!

I cannot begin to express how much I love these two! I met Susie at Keri & Dan's wedding (check our my blog for THEIR stunning wedding), and immediately vibed with her. I fell in love with her energy and her excitement and while editing the Keri and Dan's video I kept coming across footage of Susie and couldn't stop grinning while adding some of it in. So when she sent me a message saying she was ENGAGED and wanted to ME to be her photographer, I was SO excited! I get to spend more time with this group? What a joy!

And then Covid happened. And everything got put on hold. But that couldn't dampen their spirits and soon she hit me up for an engagement session! I was thrilled! And despite that weekend going absolutely off the rails, me twisting my ankle at a wedding and limping through their session, and having to fly back to Texas in a few hours, their engagement session literally breathed life back into me. I left feeling refreshed, happy and excited. And isn't that the kind of people you want in your life? I couldn't be more grateful for these two!

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